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The washing machine is one of the most commonly used appliances in your home, a reliable workhorse that people sometimes take for granted. Under normal circumstances, it is used several times a week, and for many families, it is also used several times a day, and it comes with a variety of utensils. Of course, there are a lot of dirty clothes to be stored and washed, and wet clothes to be dried. At “Just Tile It,” we believe you need a dedicated laundry room, with all this gear has a “house” and this must remain tidy and organized, as well as out of sight. So, at “Just Tile It” we provide top-class budget-friendly laundry Makeover & renovations in Sydney.


Whether you want to add a brand new room to your residence or change the layout of your residence to accommodate a laundry room, we can help you because you need help with architectural drawings. You will most likely have to apply for planning permission based on your property deed.


Our refurbishment experts can help you navigate the entire process from start to finish. Our motto is that we will help our clients plan their projects from start to finish, we will manage all the contractors needed and supervise the completion of the project.


When it comes to fitting the laundry room, we have a host of clever storage devices which are available to make the most of every corner of your room, and also a range of furnishings and fixtures to suit your budget.


Laundry Renovations Sydney


Budget-Friendly Laundry Renovations & Makeover in Sydney

A small budget will help you reshape the interior of the house and create space for a small laundry room. Ensuring that the plumbing points are close to each other, ideally, this space could be placed next to a bathroom or the kitchen. If the garage is large enough, it can be a quick and easy way to include a laundry room in the garage itself. Walls could quickly be added so that you can build a separate room that houses a washing machine and dryer, and keeps all your laundry-related things out of the way.

We suggest that if your home is small and space is very limited, then you can consider converting one of your wardrobes or closets into a suitable use or even separate some space from a large bathroom. We believe that the combination of a washing machine and a dryer can work well in a small space. You can make good use of the space because the combination of washing machine and dryer is usually front-facing. Another thing to keep in mind is that combined machines have dryers without vents, so they can be installed wherever you want.

We, at “Just Tile It,” want you to save money and avoid spending a large amount all at once. We also recommend that you reuse good appliances, but also make sure to leave enough space for future appliances.



If you are looking to add a brand new room to your place, your laundry room will be on a high-end budget. This can be undertaken either as a small individual project, by adding a laundry room for example, or adding a small room into a kitchen extension or outside of a side return as this could be a part of a larger renovation project.


The position and size of the laundry room could help in making your life easier by offering easy and fast access as well as enough space to store and organize your dirty laundry, washing detergents as well as related equipment such as an ironing station.


We believe that the ideal floor is a high-end finish such as ceramic or tile. You can consider investing in luxurious wooden cabinetry to home all your laundry-related accessories. We, at “Just Tile It,” feel that quality appliances are key, and you must shop for the best appliances with excellent energy ratings as well as special functions and features. New washing machines are coming up, they have an automatic laundry detergent dispensing system. The latest high-end tumble dryer has a steam function to help you iron every small wrinkle on your clothes.



For any renovation, bathroom, or laundry room, to run smoothly, we need expert planning and proper management. We provide you with experts who will help and guide you every step of the way. According to a common consensus stat, 30 percent of a homeowner’s budget goes down the drain in a typical renovation. Our processes and systems simplify your home renovation experience and allow careful management, planning, and execution of each stage. This creates a basis for projects to be cost-effective and accurately priced from the inception of the project. “Just Tile It” has a clear understanding of your renovation goals, and therefore, we will fulfill them the way you want them to be. Get in touch today with one of our Laundry Renovations experts in Sydney or just fill the form up and we will get back to you ASAP.


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